Changing of The Landscape For Black Art January 09 2015

Contemplation by Art BaconThere is a movement beyond color in the psyche of the global population. Perhaps, its a movement toward humanism or even a consideration of what is real beyond an 'ism' with a focus on the stark realities of life. It allows one to see very familiar things differently -- in a new light without any obstructions to our views. It comes with the changing of the times as the world moves toward its eventualities and we ponder our future.

What is interesting about this is that in our re-discovery of the familiar we find that we are not alone and that others share our new wonderment over the unknown -- it can even be something as simple as the anticipation of tomorrow and what it will bring. These are some of the things that came to mind when looking at this piece, Contemplation by Art Bacon.The expression on this woman's face -- could it be sadness, does her frown reveal some bitter thought. Or could it be sheer determination to do something that she needs to do and considers the strength of her resolve to carry it out. Perhaps it is acceptance or resignation.  We see our own thoughts in the faces of this art, black art -- now art, and us, black people -- people with thoughts, hopes and life in this world. 

Please also see other expressions in New Dreams by Ernest Crichlow and Girl 20 by Cora Marshall.  -- dy7one