Continuing On ... January 21 2015

sbo_catlett_survivor2.jpgBeing a survivor is a universal concept and no small thing. There are survivors from wars, natural disasters -- bad experiences. However, the The story of the survivor is a very important story. It's a story of appreciation, deliverance, sorrow and triumph. Sometimes its hard for the survivor especially if the ones they love are not there. Who will care about their story and try to understand it?

We may not even realize that we're survivors and sometimes from experiences too early for us to remember.

The figure in this Elizabeth Catlett Piece, "Survivor" reflects so many faces that we've seen in our families. Here an older woman wearing an apron is the embodiment of past experiences, likely drawn from slavery in the Americas and universal in its expression. The exact year is not clear, however in considering how this image relates to us today, I thought about the many forms of modern day slavery and in particular, slavery to harmful and painful thoughts, negative thinking, untruths and the mental states that hold us as prisoners.

There is a great human need to break free from mental slavery. I see the courage and strength of this "Survivor" by Elizabeth Catlett. She holds on to an instrument to complete her chores and looks from under her head scarf into the future. And though her brow might be furrowed and her jaw fixed and closed .. there is that determined look toward the future and the hope -- the hope that allows one to keep getting up every day and continue living although being a survivor.

As lovers of African American art see more images of survival by viewing "Searching For Daddy" by Charly Palmer and "Phillipino" by William E. Smith.

-- dy7two