Moving Beyond Color and Culture ... March 05 2015

The richness and beauty of dark skin .. it reminds me of the story of how we were created from the clay of the earth -- darker skin connecting us to our human history. The sun's rays kiss our skin and then cells called melanocytes which produce melanin, and give our skin its pigment, drink in these rays.

While admiring "Seated Lady" by James Denmark I thought about how the beauty of dark skin has been adored, desired, venerated, feared and misrepresented.  There are many economic, political and social reasons for these complexities as various factions of the human family have vied for an elusive control over the world using race as a tool to play out their agenda.

There is a joy, though, that I experience in admiring this beautiful figure of a dark-skinned woman with her head wrap and and her relaxed yet regal short-sleeved print dress in the piece, "Seated Lady".  How beautiful she is -- and it is as simple as that.

In examining the beauty of this image I reflected on the beauty of the human family with all their variations in skin color. In thinking of the realities that unite us as humans, many things come to mind about our future and it becomes ever so clearer that our future is dependent on something much greater than ourselves.