Five works of art. One theme. The FIVE spot. January 06 2021

Five works of art. One theme. The FIVE spot. 
The Declaration of Freedom and Independence, by Faith Ringgold - Shop 
This week’s theme at the FIVE Spot is Protest & Freedom as we present five works of art connected by images of resistance, protest and liberation. These select works speak not only to our current moment, but also to our long and challenging sojourn in a land that tells us we are equal while treating us less than. Each offering, in its own way, represents a slice of Black resistance within our larger and ongoing struggle for emancipation. Among these compelling works are poignant visual critiques of enslavement, discrimination, systemic racism, and police brutality. They feature such prominent and iconic African American figures as Harriet Tubman, Colin Kaepernick, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The rendering artists include Charly Palmer, Jamaal Barber, Faith Ringgold, Najee Dorsey, and Steve Prince. We encourage you to take at least five minutes to view them, study them, connect with them. That way, you can see which ones hit the spot. 
Stand Up, by Charly Palmer - Shop
Harriet, by Steve Prince - Shop
Basquiat, by Najee Dorsey - Shop
To Be Free, by Jamaal Barber -Shop
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