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Marshall-Linnemeier, Lynn, (Sleeping Soundly, River Wake)


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Marshall-Linnemeier, Lynn, (Sleeping Soundly, River Wake)
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"Sleeping Soundly, River Wake" by Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier

48 x 48 inches acrylic painting on panel-- unframed



My most recent paintings are a culmination of childhood memory, as well as a fascination with harmony and chaos, as expressed through the concept of quantum mechanicsTiny worlds balance on the head of a pin, in my imagination. Sounds, music, and rhythm fill these worlds, where dance and movement are abundant, especially in the studio as I work. 

Childhood memory includes a return to our dining room table in my hometown, ((West) Southern Pines, North Carolina), where I created and told fantastical stories to myself about knights and ladies, dragons and witches, genies and gypsies, and a whole host of other supernatural beings in need of rescue from a dire fate. My representations have evolved from the simple pictographs scribbled on notebook paper to lines, shapes, forms, and textures exploding with color. The world of the small has become my place of refuge, my Cosmyk Garden As Kandinsky notes: “THAT IS BEAUTIFUL WHICH IS PRODUCED BY THE INNER NEED, WHICH SPRINGS FROM THE SOUL.” This work fulfills that necessary inner need.  

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