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ART EXHIBITION: "Love, Streets, and Protests" by Julian Plowden



February 1 thru 28, 2019

Artist reception Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 2 PM – 4 PM EST


Julian Plowden

(Photographer & Poet)

Julian Plowden is a Columbus Resident who does Architectural photography and Photojournalism blending them into romantic art pieces. Julian has captured images from events related to racial tensions, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, Missouri and social tensions across the nation. His images have won awards, been featured in The Louvre, and been included in collections such as Emory University's MARBL archive. "I studied Architecture here in high school and majored in Architecture, Education and Media in college. That is why my style of photography often incorporates lines, angles, parallels and juxtapositions between buildings and people. I romanticize the buildings which is why I coupled this show with love poetry."


 credits: Digital Diaspora Family Reunion returns to Atlanta, Georgia for the 2014 Bronze Lens Festival & Atlanta Celebrates Photography.