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Criner Collection




Charles Criner, artist and printmaker who trained under John Biggers at Texas Southern University. Criner was introduced to lithography by Biggers and has continued to master the technique. He pulls his own prints using a150 year old antique press. Criner's works have strong narrative content. His stories are woven out of his immediate, personal experiences and his recollections of those experiences in his memory-some distant some recent. His range of images are numerous from boyhood recollections, recent fishing trips (fishing is his favorite pastime and we have 3 large watercolors), to rural and heroic scenes that in many instances are imbued with a sense of religiosity and Black people working in the fields. These stories and images are ever changing and evolving. The images depicting the Black experience in the fields are the most poignant and powerful. In the artist's words these images are "important and that they should be cherished windows into our past".