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Thompson, Khalif, (Baldwin)


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Thompson, Khalif, (Baldwin)
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"Baldwin" by Khalif Thompson

48 x 46 inches, mixed media limited edition of 50, signed, numbered and painted by the artist. Each print is uniquely hand embellished using acrylic paint, collaged newsprint & handmade papers on archival premium canvas -- unframed (shipped loose canvas, will need to be stretched during framing)

Working primarily through portraiture and figuration, I build open and atmospheric compositions rendered from found or handmade materials, creating environments that host concepts that interest me concerning self-identity, race, spirituality, psychology and indefinable things that make each person an individual. In response to the ambition and power of the art historical and contemporary figurative work, I impart sensitive and emotionally rich works that add to my own experiences. I bring to my figurations a probing element of paper-making and collage. I tend to work large-scale and enjoy layering the surface, informing the structure and emanating a stream of consciousness of sorts. I describe an inner dialogue towards my subjectivity, using text and journal entries, as well as metaphorical imagery. The paintings are active in exploring different modes of working that offer a hands-on approach to molding the material. The impermanence of life and its creations are an engrossing enigma within my paintings and therefore I attempt to augment presence. Through the representation of my immediate surroundings, relationships, memories, thoughts, and sentiments I provide them with importance and influence. In all, my work is a pure and consummate search for who I am and an eloquent practice of telling my story.

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