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Ted Ellis Collection

Ted Ellis

“The past 25 years of my life have been dedicated to pursuing my passion for the visual arts. I have been able to transform my passion for painting, history, and culture into a successful business. I personally find and feel that art is a universal language. Art communicates and articulates at each individual level of comprehension and understanding. A child or an adult can look at a work of art and find value in it because of their ability to relate to it. Art advocates – it says nothing but says everything. It speaks politically, culturally, economically, and educationally. We learn through art: it is a tremendous, tangible treasure that improves our quality of life. I like to think of myself as a creative historian. My craft has afforded me the opportunity to record history and all aspects of American culture and heritage. My sole purpose has always been to educate and provide cultural enrichment through my art.”  Ted 

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