About Shop BAIA Online

Shop BAIA Online™ (SBO) is a subsidiary of Black Art In America™, LLC (BAIA) -- your leading online network for African-American Art.

SBO is a place where you can shop and browse for art from our growing network of artists, collectors, estates and galleries. We're developing a place for you to find the best values on great art and collectibles. 

SBO's available works of art are carefully curated. Our list of collectors, estates, dealers and gallery partners offer quality works of art by reputable artists.

Shop BAIA Online's offices are located in Columbus, GA 

Shop BAIA Online™ is operated under the leadership of Black Art In America's founder Najee Dorsey.  Najee has been in the business of art since 2001, a fine art collector for 23 years and chief curator of Black Art In America since 2010. The BAIA / SBO team also includes leading dealers, collectors and arts industry specialists. 

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