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Akintola, Abiola, (Lean On Me)


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Akintola, Abiola, (Lean On Me)
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"Lean On Me" by Abiola Akintola

33.5 x 49.5 inches mixed media relief on wood -- framed size 38 x 54 inches

Abiola Akintola, a native of Nigeria, began his formal art studies at nine years old. He began mastering techniques, including life drawing, anatomy, portraiture, figure paintings and sculpture, later earning a degree in sculpture at the School of Art at Oyo State College of Education. Exhibited and collected extensively throughout Europe and the United States and Africa, Abiola donated a work of art titled “Beyond Parameters” to the United States Sports Academy in 2008—he won second place in the United States Olympic Committee Sports and Art Contest organized by the Academy that year. He served on the voting committee for the International Olympics Committee’s sport and art contest in Lausanne, Switzerland. Art promoter Peju Wilson sponsored Abiola’s journey to the United States following his major art exhibition at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Ibadan.

"My works provoke contemplation of the recent past, the fleeting present and the unknown future. I exploit sculptural art as a translational form for representational and expressionistic paintings. Delving into multiple layers of meanings, I create mystic auras and positive vibrations. I want viewers to enter a different realm of consciousness, a synchronistic and revelatory world of energy, spirit and emotion where spontaneous improvisation, music and poetry are the languages spoken. I am stimulated by diverse concepts and subjects but focus on the intensity of the creative process. I am in touch with the intangible as well as sensory perceptions, making feelings and memories my greatest resource. The bond that unites the diversity of my interests is also constant in my life; a need to achieve a balance between discipline and abandon are the key recurring components of my work that mirror my life. My unique style is “The Green Revolution Artist.” I try to make my environment cleaner by collecting soda cans on the street, shredding them manually and then using them for my creations. I employ de-constructivist and re-creationist forms to complement the saturated colors in my work.” 

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