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Bloede, Dana, (Field of Grace)


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Bloede, Dana, (Field of Grace)
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"Field of Grace" by Dana Bloede

18x24 inches mixed media, acrylic paint on canvas --unframed


Dana Bloede
is a Latin American artist who has received her B.A. degree in sociology & social work at Chicago State University but art was her passion.  She has implemented art outreach programs, workshops throughout Illinois and in addition has exhibited in California, Canada and Pennsylvania.

"I am an artist, maker, painter, instructor, curator, and creator of beautiful things."  I spend my days painting in my tree house studio where everything is peaceful and serene.  My paintings are beautifully poetic with a compelling narrative. Each painting resonates themes of nature, feminine symbolism, the beauty of the forest, spiritual iconography and the animal spirit within. My paintings have a lot of texture and are delightfully aged to obtain an old world charm. When I'm not painting, I like to share my love of art by teaching arts and crafts to seniors, travel with my husband and son, absorb nature, bike in the nearby forests, read books, view local art exhibits, sew and make jewelry. I paint everyday with a grateful heart and firmly believer kindness is always the answer.



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