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Britton, Sylvester, (Claude)



Britton, Sylvester, (Claude)
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 "Claude" by Sylvester Britton

19x24" limited edition 9/15 silkscreen 

c1960 framed 25x31" -- unframed

Sylvester Britton (1926-2009) was born in 1926 and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. He began his artistic endeavors in the 1930's while attending the Abraham Lincoln Center, a cultural center in Chicago. He left the United States in 1945 when he went to serve in the military until 1948.

In 1948 he received formal art training in Mexico City at the School of Painting and Sculpture. He studied in Mexico for six years before returning to Chicago in 1952 where he studied at School of the Art Institute. He later traveled to Europe, living and exhibiting work both in Paris and Sweden before earning enough money to travel back to the U.S. by making Christmas cards.

In the U.S. he continued to take classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During the 1960s he was involved in the revival of the South Side Community Art Center and became its gallery director. In the 1970's, Britton was a member of the X-Bag family, a volunteer organization, and helped with their set design. Britton continued to show his work in Chicago and several other U.S. cities.His artwork is in many private collections throughout Chicago.

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