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Brown, Stacey, (A Peace Walk)



Brown, Stacey, (A Peace Walk)
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A Peaceful Walk by Stacey Brown

14 x 17" mixed media on glass--framed

Artist Stacey Brown, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia offers an eclectic collection of original paintings for the contemporary art lover. Born and reared in Murfreesboro, North Carolina, he came to Atlanta and began his artistic journey of discovery with aspirations for a career in graphic design. After graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta, he embarked on a successful ten year career in graphic design, but something was "missing" in his life.

After ten years, that something "missing" drew him to his paint brush, and he decided to pursue his true passion, fine art. His love for the arts has led him to a successful career as a full-time artist, expressing himself through acrylic paintings on glass, and watercolor on paper. Each painting is born of his imagination, and keen observations of everyday life, always colorful, lively, and unique.

Stacey Brown, and his art have been featured in Decor Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Indianapolis Star newspapers, and numerous other publications. Featured in the private collections of the Dazz Band, grammy award-winning songwriter Kandi Burrus, and many art lovers throughout the country, Stacey Brown emerges as a visionary artisitic talent for the 21st century.

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