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Brown, Victor W. (Black Hand)



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Brown, Victor W. (Black Hand)
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"Black Hand" by Victor W. Brown

22 x 28 inches, acrylic paint, black marker pen on heavyweight poster board -- unframed

Victor W. Brown, painter, mixed-media, sculptor, and visual artist lives and works in Georgia. His work has been viewed in galleries, group shows and virtual exhibitions. His  abstract art is both historical, emotional and sensual. It reflects the history of Black Americans  and celebrates the power and enticing style of the Black woman. Many of his works  were inspired by stories from his father who grew up in Macon, Georgia in the 1930s and the  1940s. His mother’s stories about her youth in Edgecombe, North Carolina, during that time, also  have served as motivation for his artistic expression. On the one hand, Brown’s work captures  the emotion of the hardships experienced by his sharecropping, maternal grandfather. On the other hand, some of his work exposes the beauty in the various mediums with which he chooses  to create just as his paternal grandfather did as a carpenter and builder. 

With butterflies and flowers peeking out of many scenes on his canvas in acrylics and pastels,  Brown reveals his love for nature. Often, he recaptures versions of his experiences a cross country traveler and world-adventurer in Africa, Spain, Mexico and Belize. As a result, Brown’s journeys blossomed into a personal, artistic expression that has spanned more than 25 years. Brown’s work has been used to stage properties and to set the theme and backdrop for social  gatherings. His art has been viewed in Atlanta’s Herndon Foundation Museum and other fine galleries in Atlanta including Buckhead-Atlanta’s Boyd Brandt Gallery. His works have also been viewed at the Hog-Hammock Festival on Georgia’s Sapelo Island and the Cuajinicuilapa  Festival in Mexico. 

Brown is a graduate of LeMoyne-Owen College with a background in History. He is a native of  Newport News, Virginia. He resides in Atlanta with his wife, Robyn. They have two, adult  children, Simone and Xavier and a four-legged, female, family, feline named Jupiter.

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