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Campbell, Leroy, (Signed Coffee Table Book-My Authentic Self) (Hardcover)



Campbell, Leroy, (Signed Coffee Table Book-My Authentic Self) (Hardcover)
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"My Authentic Self"

Signed 90 pages hardcover coffee table book, dimensions 11 x 1 x 14
by Leroy Campbell



Celebrated visual artist and Gullah cultural ambassador Leroy Campbell embraces his African roots and the journey to self discovery with the debut of his first coffee table book, My Authentic Self.  A colorful, thought-provoking collage of literary and artistic mediums, My Authentic Self, strips Campbell of any pretenses to uncover the soul’s truth. With over 90 pages, the uniquely designed hardback travels through pivotal moments of his life utilizing the themes of family, education, love, music and the discovery of artistry. Artwork is accompanied by short proses, mantras and poems to give insight into personal challenges like witnessing domestic violence and then being protected by a traditionally-involved community comprised of neighbors, loved ones and acquaintances. Other illustrations include his trek from being a Charleston, South Carolina native ashamed of his roots to a proud Gullah cultural educator and prosperous visual artist living in New York City, and acquiring celebrity clients Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Joyner and Terry McMillian.

“I was born in Charleston, South Carolina during a time period when no one wanted to be Gullah, Geechee, Black or African,” says Campbell. “I was born with a birth defect and my parents were uneducated. They had struggles and, therefore, I had struggles that I’m still working to heal. But I’m a work in progress. I’m always working on myself. And I just love where I am now.” For readers, My Authentic Self is not only inspiration from one man’s journey, but also a challenge to reflect on their lives and see the infinite potential to be whole.

Through nostalgic scenes and universal themes, he illustrates the art of storytelling using melanges of acrylic, paper, tapestries and organic materials. His work is a fusion of art and history that celebrates family and community culture and is sparked by the essence of that which connects all people.  Through these archetypes, Leroy Campbell finds his creative voice and tells his visual stories. Stylized coal black figures with elongated necks and no visible eyes, silhouettes “look[ing] inward to the soul” and full lips that, “...speak for the soul even in their silence.” Amalgamated with newspaper collages as a backdrop, the images speak volumes to observers.
Uninhibited and unconfined, and with an impetus to ignite spiritual and emotional sparks in the world, Campbell premiered with expressive yet single dimensional pastel smudges. He then evolves, through his patient discovery of using light and shadow, and with layers of text and texture that implicate the multilayered essences of life. His art is meant to socialize with people and provide a dialogue of inspiration. The words and imagery Leroy Campbell composes conveys a unified message which elucidates the commonalities in all of us.

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