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Cayetano, Jurell, (Tierra)


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Cayetano, Jurell, (Tierra)
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"Tierra" by Jurell Cayetano 

10 x 12 inches, gouache and color pencil on paper with matte --unframed

Jurell Cayetano was born in Brooklyn, NY to parents of Honduran and West Indian decent and graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Art in 2014. Cayetano uses mixed media on paper; ranging from oil paint, graphite, gouache, and colored pencil.

The focus of Cayetano's body of work is to follow in the footsteps of the early 20th century painters, which means exploring news ways of expressing elegance and beauty. His work is about presenting the subject in the most luxurious way possible, but without relying on more conventional ideas of elegance.

Cayetano's body of work concentrates on portraiture. He finds it hard to paint individuals and spaces he has no emotional connection to, so his subjects are usually those closest to him, or people close to them.

A sense of comfort is integral to Cayetano's work. What makes his work unique is that it is more about the subject’s presence than anything else. He comes from a background in Illustration, but Instead of pieces that are just about presenting a scene or an idea, his work is about the essence of his subjects. Cayetano feels that his work excels at showing the power of the person or thing he paints, and also a lack also a lack thereof.

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