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Biggers, John (Our Grandmothers #3)




Biggers, John (Our Grandmothers #3)
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"Our Grandmothers #3" by Dr. John Biggers

22 x 39" original drawing, framed 

This large drawing is one of the five original concept drawings for the Dr. Maya Angelou "Our Grandmothers" project.  After discussion with publishers of the project, the limited edition club, Dr. Biggers decided to take a more linear approach to the images, incorporating geometry and archetypes to compliment the verses of Dr. Angelou poem. 

We have four of the original drawings as a special offering from Black Art In America. Serious inquiries please

John Thomas Biggers
(1924-2001) was one of the most significant African American artists of the twentieth century. He was known for his murals, but also for his drawings, paintings, and lithographs, and was honored by a major traveling retrospective exhibition from 1995 to 1997. He created archetypal imagery that spoke positively to the rich and varied ethnic heritage of African Americans, long before the Civil Rights era drew attention to their African cultural roots.

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