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Fulton Ross, Gale (Writer James Baldwin)


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Fulton Ross, Gale (Writer James Baldwin)
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"Writer James Baldwin" by Gale Fulton Ross

30 x 40 inches, mixed media ink and acrylic on stretched canvas (2018) -- unframed


Goal from age 7 — “to be an artist! And make my father proud.” He committed suicide when I was 31

That same year I sat on a bar stool in an after hours jazz club called Mikells and chatted for about three hours with James “Jimmy” Baldwin—He was 54.  In a big brotherly fashion he changed my despair and my artistic journey although it took a while for me to understand and realize exactly what our one time encounter would become to mean.


ME, in my own words;

Who am I...?

I am not  renowned 

I am respected

I am an observer

An adviser 

A cultural carrier 

An artist/activist and a critical thinker

I live an art driven life

I am a professional visual artist who came into her own in the 60’s during the Freedom Movement.

My success in making art for a living is in the power of “word of mouth”—- I’ve no gallery representation. I don’t teach - My work is sold by private brokers or from my studio.

I’ve participated in many gallery and museum exhibitions including in 1998 I opened a solo exhibition in the Ringling Museum of Fine Art’s— (the state museum in Sarasota FL.)—Education Gallery titled: My Museum-questioning the lack of diversity and inclusion at museums throughout the country by spotlighting 

it’s historical inadequacies. Changes were made to its Board and Administration because of “MY MUSEUM” which became WHOSE MUSEUM IS IT ANYWAY?! in the local press.

The stewards of my work are primarily prominent African American Collectors—many  of whom started their collections with a Fulton Ross.

My art hangs in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally

I am in the permanent collections of The Charles H Wright Museum in Detroit; The Oakland Museum;  San Francisco General Hospital; Carillon Imports for Absolute Vodka; The Maryland Historical Society; North Carolina Central University; Michigan State and West Michigan State Universities; and the Seattle Library and others.

I’ve lead an art driven life for over fifty years

I am self-taught— a White Art Professor once said in order for me to teach you how to draw I’d need to remove your colored hand and give you mine. 

I became an outsider.

I studied with artists whose work I admired

I have worked in France, Beijing, Tanzania, Germany and in Italy.

My work is focused on emotions expressed by the face and figure and includes sculpture and portraits.


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