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DeGroat, Gregory (Harlem Story 1948 pt. 2)


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DeGroat, Gregory (Harlem Story 1948 pt. 2)
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"Harlem Story 1948 pt. 2" by Gregory DeGroat

15 x 22.5 inches, watercolor on watercolor paper -- unframed


Gregory DeGroat was born in Springfield, Ohio in 1955, and currently lives in Dayton. His father was an artist, and some of DeGroat's earliest memories are of his father teaching him how to draw. He is a divorced father of 3 wonderful, talented and fearless daughters, all of whom he is immensely proud of. Currently retired from a 27-year career as a newspaper graphic artist/illustrator, DeGroat is pursuing his passion as a fine artist. He wants to artistically express himself for the world to see and judge.

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