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Dorsey, Najee (Distinction)



Dorsey, Najee (Distinction)
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"Distinction" by Najee Dorsey

48 x 24" mixed media fine art giclee 100% rag paper

signed/numbered limited edition size 275 --unframed

(introductory Pre-Publication price of $585. for first 100 units, retail after is $975) --unframed

“Distinction” Conceived in the days of Intellectual Racial Combat, We were Created through Evolution; Shaped by Trails, and Tested by Struggles at Cornell University, and in 1906 we emerged, First of All, For We Transcend All. Affirmed and Solidified by Character; Defined and Enlightened by Scholarship; Embellished and Rewarded by Fellowship; Devoted To and Fortified by Cause, We have led the way for Others because we are First of All, and We Transcend All. The Alpha Phi Alpha Manner has Mystified many because Alpha Men are Born, and not made. We yield not to Opposition, Neither from Within nor Without. That’s why We are First of All, because We Transcend All. Inspired by the “Jewels” of our Fraternity, We have Uplifted African-American Men throughout this World to be Focused, Centered, and Undaunted in Lifting our race. We Transcended All, because We are First of All. From the Intellectual Arenas of Academia, to the Professional Corridors of the Business World; From the Pulpits of Worshipping Our God, to the Theatrical Stages of Life; From the Legislative Halls of Politics, to the Arenas of Sports; From the Administrative Offices of Justice, to the Journalistic Debates that Fueled the Civil Rights Movement; Alpha Men have Served/Led this Nation by Enriching the Lives and Livelihood of our race. We are First of All; We Transcend All. Manly Deeds, Scholarships, and Love for All Mankind is the Center of a Man of Discipline, Demeanor, Debonair and Distinction! We lift Ourselves because We lift Others First; that’s why We can Proudly Say, We ARE FIRST OF ALL, BECAUSE WE TRANSCENDED ALL!

- Authored by Derek Albert

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