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Fils-Aime, James, (The Maids of Cadiz)


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Fils-Aime, James, (The Maids of Cadiz)
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"The Maids of Cadiz" by James Fils-Aime

13.75x13.75 inches, oil on canvas, framed

James D. Fils-Aimè is a visual artist born and raised in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. He studied fine arts and accessory design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). His practice includes painting, woodworking, and photography. For the past five years James’ practice has included visual art instruction to adolescents in both middle and high school environments. This time spent in pedagogy helped James to see art as an exchange. Drawing from his eclectic background and New York City’s rich cultural landscape, James’ work seeks to explore the signs, symbols, and visual language we use to communicate with one another. His woodworking manifests a homage to fine craftsmanship and utilitarian design, while preserving the warmth of organic material. Through the diligent study of pattern and symbol we uncover the vernacular of thought. James uses this vernacular to write a new story, one that is his own yet synchronous to ours.

         James’ most recent work, a cohesive collection of twelve oil paintings, pays homage to the intricacies and rhythmic elements found in jazz. In so doing, each painting explores the relationship of color, form and the unique rhythm that is born. The result is a body of work organic in as much as it is experimental. As further homage, these paintings are named after numerous Miles Davis songs, an interpretation of these pieces through the artist’s eyes.


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