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Hunter, Candace, (Michaela - Black Beauties Series)



Hunter, Candace, (Michaela - Black Beauties Series)
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"Michaela - Black Beauties Series" by Candace Hunter

9" x 7/8 depth diameter plate, photo transfer collage on vintage Bone China

The artist, Candace Hunter, has long held on to a thought begun with feminist Judy Chicago’s groundbreaking art installation, “The Dinner Party” which celebrated women with place settings at a large triangular dining table.  The installation was not without controversy – one being the fact that at the onset, there were no women of color celebrated in this feminist tale womanhood. After much pushback, Chicago added the Shoshone woman, Sacajawea and the abolitionist, Sojourner Truth.

But why were these women omitted in the first place? Why were they a much-contested afterthought?

Hunter, decades later thought of this very omission at the birth of the Women’s March in DC.  Black women were seemingly once again an afterthought. Hunter, though excited for all of the women who took a stand against the policies of the new administration, still felt slighted and decided not to march. 
This is her march. This is her stand. This is her love affair with the women who have worked since their first footfalls on the soil of the Americas. For the women who served meals for those who hated her and for those she loved. For the women who have been Serving it up for all of their days, all of these years – with beauty and style.

And yes, Sojourner is still in the house!

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