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Laoye, Dayo, (Omo Orisa)



Laoye, Dayo, (Omo Orisa)
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Omo Orisa by Dayo Laoye

32 x 40" Acrylics/watercolor paper, unframed

Dayo Laoye A graduate of the School of Art, Design & Printing,Yaba College of Technology,Lagos,Nigeria(1981 &1985) Dayo's early formal training, involve learning the Styles,of the Modern Masters.In 1988, while studying at Dept. of Art,Howard University in Washington DC,he was influenced by by the philosophy of Dr. Alain Locke,who -during the period of the Harlem Reanaissance-challenged Black Artists, to be inspired by their Culture,Environment & Africa.He argued that, if some Western Artists (Modiglianni,Brancussi,Picasso etc)could be inspired by Africa,so could we,for,it's our Birth Right! "My work,is more Ritualistic today-I extract the Essence out of Form,through the use of Tones,Textures & Lines while still retaining the identity of the Subject- This was the Goal of Traditional African Artists-Straight,Direct and to the Point!" He's based in Chicago.


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