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Laurent-Reginald, (Spring)



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Laurent-Reginald, (Spring)
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"Spring" by Reginald Laurent

22 x 30 inches acrylic painting on 300 lbs coldpress paper-- unframed

Reginald Laurent has been described as a “master colorist” by art expert Dr. William Colvin. Laurent has a contemporary art style that is unique and hard to ignore in a very good way. Laurent was born on the southside of Chicago in 1960. He is a self-taught, award winning abstract artist, and he has been featured in many solo and group exhibits over the years. Laurent has found his niche and gained notoriety and recognition for his bold, colorful creations. Laurent is proficient in several mediums and techniques, but large colorful, detailed abstracts are his passion.

Reginald Laurent’s art is best described as a colorful labyrinth of organic and geometric shapes and forms that are meticulously detailed and perfectly balanced. His paintings allow you take a visual journey, with no beginning and no end. Laurent says every shape represents a snapshot in life and is abstracted accordingly. “Life is comprised of many elements, and each day it is imperative that we figure out how to make everything and everyone we encounter work in harmony.” Life’s twists and turns are illustrated with his random shapes, forms and colors that harmoniously blend to make one beautiful, cohesive, unified entity. Laurent believes that no one’s life is a straight line, and he captures the uncertainty we all face every day. Laurent says, “At the end of the day, all of the pieces to life’s puzzle seem to come together, only to be taken apart the next day, so we can all start over. As life changes, the picture changes, and we have to constantly figure out how to put the puzzle back together”.
Reginald Laurent has art in many public, corporate and private collections, including Michael Jordan, Home Depot and The City of Carrollton, Ga. His art style is also widely used as a visual point of reference and teaching aid by art educators across the United States.

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