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Lewis, Cydney (Catching the Morning Dew)


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Lewis, Cydney (Catching the Morning Dew)
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"Catching the Morning Dew" by Cydney Lewis

12 x 12 x 1 inches, archival paper, markers, ink, acrylic on wood panel - unframed

Cydney Lewis is a multimedia artist with a multi-disciplinary and distinguished background. Currently living in Chicago, her art practice highlights the transformation and manipulation of materials.  Lewis considers the intersection of the natural, spiritual, and scientific worlds.  She began in architecture, receiving a BS in Architectural Studies from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, and the L’ecole D’architecture des Versailles, France. 

The fluidity of her ability to transform materials reflect her mastery of ballet as well as her endeavors in film. Her art is held in private collections around the world, and has been exhibited widely, for example at the Union League Chicago, Saugatuck Center of the Arts, Hyde Park Art Center, and The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. Various honors have been bestowed on her, among them residencies at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago, Chicago Public Schools and Lyseloth Musikerwohnhaus Basel, Switzerland. Her awards include 3Arts Make A Wave 2021 grantee,  Best in Show at Governor State University and the Black Creativity/Green Art Award from the Museum of Science and Industry. Currently she is a member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago.

Artist Statement: 

Walking the streets of my community, I saw needles, synthetic hair, and colorful plastic bags gathering on the ground and blowing in the trees.  This landscape is full of meaning – these are artifacts that reflect all the things we consume and waste without thinking of the consequences. Amongst the debris there is also nature’s beauty, perseverance and the ability to adapt within this landscape; through my work, I ask how we as humans might also coexist in harmony. 

Through repetitive, intentional hand labor, I manipulate these materials; the organic and the inorganic, and transform them into what I consider the intersection of the natural, spiritual, and scientific worlds. 

Pattern, repetition, and constant movement form the foundation of my work as I weave together images of nature, technology, destruction, and beauty into landscapes that make the real surreal. 

Using the hands to reinvent,  honors something familiar and intentional. Yet at the same time, envisioning something new in the intersectionality of these materials documents the record of our being here, at this time in this place.

My work walks between those places, reimagining the materials, artifacts and landscapes, reflecting on their coexistence, the potential for mutual destruction, and bearing hope that we morph into a new form.

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