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Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections (Hardcover)




Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections (Hardcover)
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Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections (Hardcover) Edited by Carla M. Hanzal, Contributions by Carla M. Hanzal, Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, Jae Emerling, Lesley King-Hammond, and Mary Lee Corlett.

Published by GILES in association with the Mine Museum of Art, 2011, 144 pages (NEW)

Romare Bearden: Southern Recollections presents 90 works from the full span of the artist's career, drawing on the Mint Museum's and other public and private collections of Bearden's work.  It is significant development in the wider understanding of the numerous sources and inspiration behind much of Bearden's art, focusing on a largely unstudied area of his work, his recollections and memories of his southern childhood.  Bearden recorded the notions of ritual, and the celebraton of a lost way of life, as families like his own dispersed across the urban centeres of the north east. Colour plates from the accompanying exhibition are presented throughout four essays by leading Bearden scholars.  These include Dr. Leslie King-Hammon, who focuses on the feminist component in his art, as well as the role of complex iconographic features such as trains and birds, as possible metaphors for God in the machine and the means of deliverance to a new life.

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