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Sammons, Robert, (Circa 2001 #5)



Sammons, Robert, (Circa 2001 #5)
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"Circa 2001 #5" by R. Sammons

10.5x14" pen and ink drawing -- unframed

Robert Sammons is an 84 year old self-taught artist of Jonesboro, Arkansas who works in marker, pen & ink on paper.  Sammons worked as a map maker in the 50's and that became his muse for the works he's created over the last 50 plus years. The majority of Sammons works are unique images of art on both sides of the same paper. 


"Around 2001 Sammons visited our gallery (Dorsey Gallery) and expressed interest in sharing his work with us. We quickly fell in love with him and his work. Sammons's story was a little tragic in that his caregiver didn't appreciate or see any value in his creative expression and would often have him throw his works in the garbage. We saw something special in Sammons artworks and decided to purchase a majority of his works at the time.  After having the works for over a decade, we now share these masterful pieces of abstraction with the world" – Najee Dorsey Black Art In America/Shop BAIA Online

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