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Scott, Madge, (Ebony)



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Scott, Madge, (Ebony)
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"Ebony" by Madge Scott

11 x 14 inches, mixed media on canvas -- framed


Madge Scott , an Award and Prize Winning artist, began painting and drawing in 1997 when one of her children went missing. She found solace in her small daughters water color paint set when there was nothing else to do. She drew and painted from newspaper articles and anything colorful. Madge became fascinated with faces and practiced her drawing on anything she could get her hands on. People became interested in her work as she took her pencils and sketchbook everywhere she went, and even though she was selling her work she never took it seriously until 2005 when she was discovered by someone who prompted her to have a showing of her work. She showed 31 pieces of her work at the FRC Gallery in Hastings On Hudson,  on October 28th and 29th and sold 16 pieces. Since then Madge has shown her work many times in Westchester and New York City. She has been doing commissioned work, folk art and also some spiritual pieces. She showed her work at the Consulate of Jamaica in August of 2007 and since then have shown in Libraries, Galleries, Town Halls, Universities, and at the Katonah  Museum of Art two years ago.

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