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Smith, Beverly, (Uppity)



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Smith, Beverly, (Uppity)
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Uppity by Beverly Smith

46 x 72", graphite drawing mixed media quilt

Beverly Smith, my creative works originate from my love of African and Southern American textiles. I choose to express myself through quilts because of their historic and functional significance. Quilts not only provide warmth and comfort, but can act as documentation of unaltered truths.

 I enjoy preserving my Southern heritage by emulating the custom of layered garment quilt tops. I am particularly interested in garments known as White Welsh Plains, created specifically for Blacks during slavery to restrict certain clothing, based on the South Carolina Act of 1735. My designs usually start with a visual expression that is a contradiction or connection to time and circumstances that provide an opportunity to give voice to the richness of the spirit of human survival.

I am always searching for ways to add another dimension to my works. I continue to seek out endless opportunities to explore various topics and to express myself on many levels.


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