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Smith, Nanno, (Sea Floor #1)




Smith, Nanno, (Sea Floor #1)
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Sea Floor #1 by Nanno Smith

60 x 36" acrylic on canvas, unframed

Nanno Smith is a self taught artists living in the D.C Metro area.

Creating art gives me a feeling of exuberance. Hidden secrets are revealed. Sometimes exciting memories of past experiences sneak in. The colors azo gold and azo orange release my inner joy. During solitary, creative moments, these colors generate warmth for me as I enjoy my art. It's hard to stop, time flies, and I find peace of mind.  My brushes and paints give me energy. Painting is one of the best parts of my day.

The mixture of textures and colors often make it hard to tell where one color ends and another begins. Customizing my stamps and stencils gives my work its’ own flavor. Delightful surprises await when using them with molding pastes: repetition of circular designs, twirls, swirls, and random images. My paintings are alive with movement. The metallics feel sensuous.

I choose the main colors and then make a wash of the lightest two. Using a preconceived notion or working intuitively, I add tissue or rice paper and more washes. Applying textures, colors, and other materials instinctively and spontaneously, allows me to surrender control and embrace innovation.  Various textures make me want to run my fingers over certain areas of my art. Adding fibers and cheesecloth draw my eyes to various portions of my paintings.

Because of their quick drying time, and their availability in heavy body, fluid, ink, etc., I choose acrylics. Gels and mediums change the viscosity, surface sheen, and feel of acrylics and provide new enlightening discoveries. 

Ideas come from walks in the park, other paintings, the media, conversations, or sometimes they just pop into my head. In creating the Evolution Series, my head was filled with thoughts of daylight, infinity, both male and female genders, creation, bones, eggs and the uterus, and growth, i.e. egg to birth to adulthood, and tadpole to frog. I thought of outer space, the collision of the planets, and a black hole. Man went from bending over to standing upright. The seafloor came into view and exposed its bounty. The Evolution Series represents the harmonization of chaos and order, of simplicity and complexity, and of the awe-inspiring feeling of existence.

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