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Taylor, Toni (Dyrad Queen)


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Taylor, Toni (Dyrad Queen)
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"Dryad Queen" by Toni Taylor

26 x 32 inches,  Oil on wood slice w/copper wire, feathers, crystals, abalone shell (2020) -- unframed

Bill Moyers asked of Joseph Campbell, a scholar, writer and the preeminent authority on mythology, “Who interprets the divinity in nature for us today? Who are our shamans? Who interprets unseen things for us?” Campbell replied, “It is the function of the artist to do this. The artist is the one who communicates myth for today.”

Toni Taylor is an artist whose work travels through the visionary realms of fantasy, mysticism and imaginative realism. She feels a special kinship with the mysteries of ancient Egypt, the spirit of indigenous cultures as well as elements of what lies beyond the veil of human eyes. Goddess imagery is represented powerfully in her collection and as a lover of all things celestial, the beauty of the cosmos often finds its way into her paintings. Toni's creativity spans fine art, commercial illustration, scenic painting, teaching workshops and private coaching. She also enjoys creating mixed media wire sculptures that give homage to spirits of nature. She says of her work, 'When people view my creations, I want them to feel like they’re taking a journey of the spirit while tapping into the ethereal and otherworldly. Imagination is the key to unlocking the door to what lies beyond'. Having had no formal training, Toni considers herself ‘life' taught and her gift a blessing from the Divine Creator.

Her professional career began in 1985 with a cover for Heavy Metal Magazine, a division of National Lampoon, of which she was an avid collector. She had the privilege of creating two covers for Heavy Metal. Since then she’s worked with various clients such as Disney and Universal Studios as a Scenic Painter and has been commissioned as an Illustrator for companies such as Miller Brewing Company, Marvel Comics, MBI~Easton Press, Inner Traditions~Destiny Books, American Kennel Club, U.S. Games, PolyGram, GRP and Island Records among others. She includes portraits and custom murals in her repertoire and has exhibited her work in galleries, conventions and festivals from Boston to Dallas. Toni especially enjoys creating unique imagery for private collectors. 

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