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Young, Diana Shannon, (Step One)



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Young, Diana Shannon, (Step One)
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"Step One"by Diana Shannon Young

11x15 image mixed media acrylic on rag paper (unframed).

Young, Diane Shannon (Step One)
Diana Shannon Young
Infused with color and texture, my paintings transcend the familiar to the abstract. Painting from an early age my creative process is primarily self-directed. Young stated the following :  "My interest in texture was inspired By Fine Art Printmaking under tutelage of the University of Cal Poly Pomona art director and master printmaker Paul Merrill. Intrigued by bold soft colors often gives my work a feminine but meditative appeal".

Included in juried, curated museum shows along with notable masters such as Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, and more as well as the recipient of one-woman museum exhibitions. "My works are collected by novice and seasoned art collectors. “My work is unique. My style individual. My heart filled with love. I am compelled to create thought-provoking collage work or abstract mixed media pieces that dance with textures of soft and vibrant hues. “I invite you to enter my world where creativity is Uninhibited and unstructured but influenced by masters. The creative process is an imaginative, intuitive journey. Each piece embodies the essence of my life’s journey and is a tantamount to a road trip with a close member of my family or a dear precious friend, as we navigate the challenges and joys of life. When my creation speaks to your conscious, heart or soul my journey with you Is a success.”   - Diana Shannon Young

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