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Garden Art For the Soul

Great in the yard or a flower pot. Each piece stands at 28 inches tall and 11-14 inches wide. Most of the works are repurposed from painting created by Najee Dorsey between 2005-2008. Each is hand signed by the artist for added value. Made from durable aluminum/polyethylene hybrid material, used for outdoor signs. Perfect for outdoor or indoor decor, collect them all!

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client testimonials

"This is the only garden art I have encountered that directly reflects my cultural experience. It is beautiful yet sturdy and apparently long lasting. Keep putting them out!" Paulette -  NJ


“I love our Najee Dorsey yard art & the versatility it offers. When our hydrangeas are in bloom I plan to move both pieces to our mulch bed. You've also tempted me w/the other pieces. They are so unique. Thank you!” Dawn - Chicago 


"Purchased mine. Makes a grand statement and a beautiful addition to my entrance! Thanks Najee" Theresa - Atlanta


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