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R, DeSande (Nina Simone: Humility and Strength)


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R, DeSande (Nina Simone: Humility and Strength)
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"Nina Simone: Humility and Strength" by DeSande R

21 x 27 inches, linoleum block print, edition 1/1- 4th edition (2022) -- framed


DeSande R is an educated artist born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides in
Carbondale, Illinois. DeSande recognized her talent since the age of five. While
living a quiet life, she spent most of her time studying people. She observed the
mannerisms and expressions of people during family gatherings. Hiding in a corner
was her special place for this observance.
While attending high school, DeSande’s influences were Leonardo da Vinci,
Caravaggio, and Michelangelo. They reflected images that appealed to her style and
taste. From that moment on, she knew that art would be a prominent part of her life.

Later in college she researched African American artists such as Laura Wheeler-
Waring, Adrian Piper, Archibald Motley Jr, Jacob Lawrence, and Elizabeth Catlett.

Other influential artists during her graduate school years were Rembrandt van Rijn and
Odd Nerdrum. DeSande worked closely with Professor Najjar Abdul-Musawwir
(International Artist), the Emeritus Robert Paulson, and many other excellent art
professors at Southern Illinois University. She received her Master of Fine Arts
degree in Painting from SIU Carbondale in 2002.
DeSande R he previously worked on paintings concerning influential people in the
community, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone. She also ventured into analog
photography within the subject of portraiture. Some of her previous works encompass
using pen to do expressive drawings and linoleum block prints. DeSande is currently
working on a series of linoleum block prints portraying the natural hair styles of
African American men and women, African symbols and the history behind it, and
iconic musicians and singers.

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